About Us

Paras Pool and Spa Solutions is a swimming pool builder and maintenance contractor, established itself as one the a leads in the industry since 1997. Since our first pool our vision has been to make swimming pools available to all, affordable and trouble-free. Several hundred pools have been installed by us in different parts of the country.

Paras Pool and Spa Solutions is committed to providing its clients superior design, uncompromising quality, and a phenomenal experience. Our unique projects and inspiring spaces will improve your quality of your life, increase the beauty of your homes, while providing a space to make memories with family and friends. We work with residential and commercial clients, general contractors, architects and landscape architects,. Our design consultants will cater to your requirements in timely manner.


Our highly skilled designers work closely with architects and clients and build pools, spas and leisure areas for both private and commercial installations.

At the project concept stage, we have a detailed discussion with the architect, without any charge. Upon our appointment for the development , we consult with the project and structural engineers and then submit detailed drawings for construction.

Once the client has confirmed the core concept for the pool and/or spa installation, our designers take full responsibility for the project, from initial design to construction and landscaping where ever required. We provide detailed design proposals, with all equipments and materials for construction itemized and priced individually.

We handle a wide variety of pools, from a simple lap pool to highly complex projects including infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow.

The Pool Installation Of Your Dreams

Simply put, providing the pool installation of your dreams is what we do. We are passionate about each and every project installation, whether it is simply a waterscape or a complete outdoor living space. We also realize that a quality pool installation is only one factor in a great experience. From the very beginning until the end of the project, our consultants and project managers keep a constant line of communication with our clients to answer questions and address their concerns. We let our clients know well in advance when our specialists will be onsite so that they stay abreast of the evolution the swimming pool project.

When would you like to begin the swimming pool installation of your dreams?


Paras pool And Spa Solutions provides repairs, maintenance, and service at flat-rate pricing!

We offer many services for residential and commercial swimming pools , Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Jacuzzi Spa which include:

  • Swimming pool Steam Bath, Sauna Bath , & Jacuzzi Spa maintenance and repair with diagnostics by our expert service team.
  • Routine pool cleaning & Annual Maintenance of Spa Equipments that can be one-time or scheduled regularly ( required chemicals are always included).
  • Our Products

    Paras pool And Spa Solutions are manufacturers and service provided of :

  • Swimming pool
  • Steam Bath
  • Sauna Bath
  • Chilled Shower
  • Jacuzzi Spa equipment
  • Accessories for all products

  • Our products can be categorized into :

  • Hydrotherapy Equipments : Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Chilled Shower,and Jacuzzi Spa etc

  • Swimming Pool : Pool Basin Equipment, Filtration Equipments, Supply & Installation of Plumbing and Electrical Equipments, Pool Deck Accessories, Under water lights , Chlorination equipments, etc

  • Naturotherapy Equipments: Under water Massage, Hip Bath, Spinal Spray Equipments, Foot & Arm Bath , etc

  • Other Equipments: Water Softner, Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Pump, Electrical Boiler etc.
  • Our Speciality

    Swimming Pool


    Steam & Sauna bath

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