Swimming Pool

Hotel Taj - Swimming Pool

Pool Basin equipments such as Skimmers, Floor inlet Vaccume paint.

Filteration equipments.

Pool Deck equipments.

Pool cleaning equipments.

Under water lighting.

We are in to supplying and installation of various types of Swimming Pool equipments.

Filters: Totally Anti-Corrosive Polyester + Fibre Glass filter Blue colour. Fitted with pressure gauge panel, manual air bleeder, water drain and emptying plug. fitted with collector arms and diffuser made from unplasticized PVC and polypropelene. Filtration velocity 40m³/hr/m². Maximum working pressure : 2.5 kg/cm².

Multiport Valve : Multiport Valve made in PVC. for carrying out filtration, back-washing, rinsing and shut down of the filters.

Re-circulating Pumps : Cast Iron Pumps, 2800 r.p.m. Mechanical Seal in Stainless steel. IP-54 motor protection. Stainless Steel Shaft AISI-420 shaft. With Fibreglass strainer basket. Conn. PN-16. according to DIN-2501.


Dosing Pumps : Membrane Dosing Pumps "EXACTUS" model. Electronic dosing pump to be mounted both on its base as well as hung on the wall. Pumps following CE regulations. IP- 65 protection.
Power connections : 220/240V, 50/60 Hz. The materials in contact with liquid are : Ploypropylene, Viton, Teflon and PVC. Includes anti-acid plastic case. Operating panel protection provided by a transparent polycarbonate cover. Lubrication not required. Flow 20l/hr @ 5 bar.


Pool Drains : Main Drains made of Fibreglass reinforced polyester & Abs Round Drain

Inlets : White ABS plastic bottom inlet for concrete with S.S. screws and regulable flow. Flow/ inlet = 9,000l/hr

Vaccume : White ABS plastic Suction for concrete


Underwater Lights : "STANDARD" model Underwater Lights. Niche in polypropylene and glass fibre. 300W 12V Lamp. With 3 mt. cable and in white ABS rim.

Underwater Lights : "MINI" model Underwater Lights. Dichroaic light with white ABS niche. 50W, 12V Lamp.

Junction Boxes : Junction Boxes, made in ABS, composed of 3 entries or outlets of 3/4" 3/4" or PG-16 coupling

Flexible Cable Conduits : Cable Conduit Hose, Flexible 1 mt. long conduit for connecting light to junction box. 3/4" and PG-16 threaded ends.

Ladder : "MIXTO" model stainless steel AISI-316 ladders,width: 500mm, handrails dia 38mm stainless steel7 non-slip steps, provided with electrical earthing connection and anchoring fixtures. No. of threads - 2.

Overflow Gutter Drains : Drain Grilles in A.B.S.


Massage Jets (Air - Water combination type) : 2" Adjustable jet with water/ air proportion regulation. Connections for water massage pipe and venturi, 50mm dia. Solvent type.

Air Volume Controller : 1" for hydro-massage control. Controls air to venturi system to operate jets.


Pneumatic Switch.

Pneumatic Press button.

Plastic tube - 50 mts.


Twin cartridge filter made in PVC with transparent Polycarbonate Lid. Conn. 1 1/2". Surface filtration 4.6m3. Flowrate : 10,000l/h. With Self-priming pump and trolley.

Metallic vacuum head in Anodized Aluminium with 1 1/2" connection. For butterfly nut connection.

Extensible handles for cleaning attachments in anodized aluminium which can be adapted to the entire range of cleaning equipment, brushes, leaf skimmers and scoops.10mts. long.

Transparent blue plastic vacuum hose 11/2" dia 15mtrs long including hose cuffs for connection to suction inlets.

Deep bag net made in polypropelene and white polyester netting butterfly nut connection

Surface net made in polypropelene and white polyester netting butterfly connection.

Curved brushes made in polypropelene for pool basins and scum liners.

Straight brushes made in polypropelene for pool basins and scum liners.

Algae brushes with stainless steel bristles.

Reinforced aluminium telescopic handle 2.4-4.8M long with clip connection.

Test kit for free chlorine & PH.